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 Rules for Posting in Help - I Can't Find

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Rules for Posting in Help - I Can't Find Empty
PostSubject: Rules for Posting in Help - I Can''t Find   Rules for Posting in Help - I Can't Find EmptyMay 18th 2009, 3:43 pm

This thread is to help others find items they may have had in their game at one time and lost, or seen but didn't download and wished they did.

For those Looking to Find Something:

1. Start Your Own Post. Title the post with WHAT you're looking for.

2. Do not create more than one post for the same item.

3. Be as detailed as you can in the description of the item as it may further help others help you.

For those who find items that others are looking for

1. If you think you've found the item or you have found the item that someone is looking for - post a reply to their post.

2. You can enter a link to the item that has been found, but please do not offer the actual download here at the forum.

***For all users - this is NOT a place to request free items from sites that are pay sites. Please do not abuse this rule.

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Sugah Sim

Sugah Sim

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Rules for Posting in Help - I Can't Find Empty
PostSubject: GREAT MINDS!!!   Rules for Posting in Help - I Can't Find EmptyMay 30th 2009, 1:58 pm

This is a great idea, Hunter. I can't believe I came in here and found this thread!
I was just thinking of suggesting we start a "WCIF?" (Where can I find...???" topic).

Great minds, as always.
I love a good treasure hunt and am always happy to help others find Sims items they're searching for.
Good deal, m'lady!

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Rules for Posting in Help - I Can't Find
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