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 T. J. Edwards Sr.

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PostSubject: T. J. Edwards Sr.   May 14th 2009, 2:35 am

This is an Elder Sim not an Adult.

I've never made an Elderly Sim before. Granted, TJ and AJ needed a father, so I just sat here for over an hour and came up with him.

I had to make him in somewhat of a likeness to TJ and AJ. I made him kinda cool, kinda modern. He does have a silver hoop earring in his left ear. You can't see it. And, I honestly didn't think of getting a picture of it. But, it's there.

Clothes are far and few between. The only thing I couldn't find for him was a bathing suit/swimsuit. I had to make him swim nekkid. OOPS!

Custom Content Included:
Kavar: Outfit and Skintone
Pimp-My-Sims: Stubble
Ephemera0714: Grey Eyes (Link Unkown)
AVE Wrinkle-Men (Link Unknown)
BB Pirate Earring Left Ear (Link Unknown)

Meshes are included per Marvine and BeosBoxBoy's Policy Change dated March 2007

Custom Content NOT Included:
Hair and Mesh: SIZZ/Pungback at MTS2

My Thanks and Credit Goes To:




Stop by and say HELLO!!
SIMply Edward and The PlayHouse
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T. J. Edwards Sr.
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