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 Losing Your Site from Planet the Sims???

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PostSubject: Losing Your Site from Planet the Sims???   June 9th 2009, 8:12 pm

I asked Dee if I could share this because I know a few of you are in limbo deciding what to do about your PTS situation.

This is a PM that she shared with me:

Hi Hunter...

I'm Dee. I work with Boo and Ginnie at Saving the Sims. We recently heard about Planet the Sims discontinuing their site hosting and were wondering what your plans were for your site? I saw the posting that eventually all the downloads were going to be moved here, to the forum. If so, that is great! :)

If not, we would like to offer our services. STS helps site owners who have lost their hosting or need someone to oversee their creations due to real life issues by setting up either groups for hosting, or a group with pics that would allow people to request and receive your site downloads by email. You would, of course, be co-owner of the groups and have complete control.

Our goal, is to simply keep Sims custom content available for all the fans and assist site owners. So many sites drop off the grid and their creations are lost forever. We would love to help prevent that from happening whenever possible.

Whatever your plans, just know that we are here to help if you need it. Just let us know!

Thanks so much,
STS Staff

I thought it was such a kind and generous offer AND I LOVE that they are about keeping Sims 2 sites/creations around.

"I'm gonna smile because I deserve to........"

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PostSubject: Re: Losing Your Site from Planet the Sims???   June 10th 2009, 12:31 pm

I got a private guestbook entry from them too. I think they contacted me before when I was losing my hosting. They've been a part of the Sidewalk Sims forum, that I'm an admin of, for a long time. I think they mostly just operate a finds type list there, but you can check it out if you're curious.

Quote :
I am Ginnie, Boo's helper at Saving the Sims. We understand that Planet the Sims is ending free web hosting, and would like to offer our help. We can do one of 3 things: 1. Hosting the files in Yahoo groups; 2. File Sharing (putting pictures in a group so people can request files); or 3. If we could have your permission to include any of your files in anything we create and post at our site and or groups.

The first option - we would download all you files and then upload them to STS Yahoo Groups. You then have the option of joining as Co-Owner so you can keep an eye on your files. We would simply watch over them and would claim them to be the owners and not ours. Some site owners are allowing us to host files as a back up to their site in case anything happens so they know they have a copy of the files. We currently host files for sites such as Bunny Wuffle, Colorized Sims, Mega Sims. Trinkets and Treasures, and a lot more. We have 72 groups of files just for the Sims 1 hosting, all with owners permission.

The Second option - we would simply upload you graphics to one of our file share groups and create a folder for you so that people can see what you have and can then request the files.

The third option - This would only take place if your site closed and would only encompass files that are actually used by us in any lots we create.

Thank you. Ginnie

I really don't have that many files to back up anyway. Not download files, that is.
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Losing Your Site from Planet the Sims???
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