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 Ari's Adventures

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PostSubject: Re: Ari's Adventures   Ari's Adventures - Page 4 EmptyApril 17th 2009, 6:17 am

That was a lot of fun my dear Ari, of course your humor ads to the enjoyment! The drama is definitely very KOOL! LOL Bravo!

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Astral Faery

Astral Faery

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PostSubject: Re: Ari's Adventures   Ari's Adventures - Page 4 EmptyApril 17th 2009, 2:04 pm

Thanks, Z. How come you never play the game?

I spent some time at Rhode and Andrew's little house. I swear I DID NOT set this up! But they both wear the same pajamas, too! I got such a big giggle out of that.
Ari's Adventures - Page 4 Same-1

They keep bringing one of the maids home as a work friend. She even still has her maid hat on!
Ari's Adventures - Page 4 Work

Okay, so their lifetime want is 50 dream dates. I got this far, when a gypsy lady left a lamp on the porch. Odd, because neither one of them did anything remotely hobbyish. They just dated. And dated. And went to work. And dated again. That's all they did for days. It was starting to get old. I decided I'd have them both rub the lamp and get permaplat that way, instead. Now they can actually live a normal life, lol.
Ari's Adventures - Page 4 Dateflowers

They're both Knights of the Round Table (or whatever that's called) in the entertainment industry, and I'm going to keep them there. They make plenty of money and have very little expenses. I don't want every sim to reach the top of their career, because I'd get bored. Besides, it's such a hoot to see them donning their work uniform. Each one of them brought a friend home from work one night.
Ari's Adventures - Page 4 4knights

One of them was cheatin' Ricky Brody, and the other one was the maid. They don't get along, and the maid kicked the elf's butt. I call this picture Knight Fight. LMAO
Ari's Adventures - Page 4 Knightfight

Meanwhile, Blake Halsten and Rebecka Brennan got married. I just love Blake. He is super neat and always runs around after everyone cleaning up. Plus he's got full active and playful points. The boy hardly ever has to sleep, lol.
Ari's Adventures - Page 4 BlakeRebecka

Rebecka had twins! A boy and a girl, named Daylen and Darya. I totally jacked both those names.
Ari's Adventures - Page 4 DaylenDarya

Don't know if I want them to have any more or not. They're not family sims, so there's no reason why they need to be a baby factory. Plus, the house is kind of crowded with Lorette (who I have a soft spot for and gave a couple of shots of elixir so she could hang around longer), Indy, Lucy, and Kendra (now a teen), all living in the house.

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PostSubject: Re: Ari's Adventures   Ari's Adventures - Page 4 EmptyApril 17th 2009, 4:32 pm

Maybe I was thinking of the option for sims to only try for baby if they were married. There's so many options when you read about that hack, I forget all that it does.

It is a little easier to let them be childless when they have nieces and nephews, but I still want to see what their own kids would look like.

I forgot to comment on the money loss from the bad chance card. It sounds like a glitch to me. If that's not what was supposed to happen, I'd go ahead and cheat to give them their money back. I'm not a gambler in life either, but I can never bring myself to choose ignore on a chance card. I always want to see what the results are.

A maid, dressed as a knight beat up Ricky? That's hilarious! Only in the sims... I'd say twins might be enough kids for one couple, especially when they have a boy and a girl. My sims usually have on average 2 kids.
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PostSubject: Re: Ari's Adventures   Ari's Adventures - Page 4 EmptyApril 17th 2009, 5:46 pm

Ari you crack me up with these posts!

"Knight Fight" and name jacking!!! You still end up with really beautiful Sims.

I'm very happy you're keeping up with this thread - so it's entertaining. I'm curious to see what Rebecka and Blake's children will look like (updated April 18, 2009) when they get older........(DUH - i originally said If they have any).


"I'm gonna smile because I deserve to........"

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Sugah Sim

Sugah Sim

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PostSubject: Re: Ari's Adventures   Ari's Adventures - Page 4 EmptyApril 18th 2009, 9:59 am

I agree with Hunter. It's so great that this "So, what's new in your game lately?" thread has been so active.
Thank you, to all who are posting and reading. I enjoy coming in here and reading everyone's Sims adventures. I love the screenshots, too, as you all know by now.

Speaking of... All the knights looked hilarious standing around on the curb. What a great capture, AF!
I agree with you. That work uniform is a particular hoot!

Blake and Rebecka are such a lovely looking couple.
I bet their twins (with the jacked names, lol) will be attractive, too.

Thank you for sharing, Ariana. I'm so glad you're having such fun with this.
When you stay with a Sim's challenge THIS long, I KNOW you're lovin' it!

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Ari's Adventures - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ari's Adventures   Ari's Adventures - Page 4 Empty

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Ari's Adventures
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