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 The Avalon Legacy

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Astral Faery


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PostSubject: The Avalon Legacy   January 4th 2009, 6:24 pm

I thought I would post my legacy challenge here. If you're not familiar with a sims Legacy Challenge, you can find the rules here. There are many rules, handicaps, and different ways to play. I was feeling chaotic the day I started, and chose as many handicaps as I could - but I ended up overdoing it, then cheating to get by, lol. I decided not to play for points but for fun. The basic point of a legacy challenge is this: Start with a founder sim, who then has to create a long family line (usually 10 generations). Your founder starts off broke, and has to build this legacy throughout his lifetime - and it keeps building with his/her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so forth. It's rewarding and fun to watch your sims accomplish so much, and watch how the family grows and changes over time.

Since I started this to take a break from Between the Light and the Darkness, I didn't make the efforts to turn plumbbobs or thought bubbles off, or to make sure all my walls were up. This was purely for fun.

So, I present, The Avalon Legacy.

Hi. I'm Elwyn Avalon. It's an Elven name, and yes, I'm an elf. Why am I starting a Legacy? Well, for years I've craved knowledge about the human world. These curious creatures were most intriguing to me. My people didn't like it, and, well, sort of kicked me out because of my obssession. So, now I live amongst the humans.

This is home. Not much, huh? The Elven government could have kicked me out with just the clothes on my back, but they were kind enough to purchase a decent sized piece of land. That tree is part of my Legacy, and when I die, I wish to be buried next to it. Where's my house? Um...I don't have one, yet, but I will!

No no no!! Not my tree! Who would've thought it would rain on my first day? And lightening has struck my treeeee!

Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! I know the answer!

A representative from the local garden club stopped by. Her name is Allyn Thompson. I couldn't help but notice how pretty she was. But, er, I have no money to start a garden. I only have $17 left and no job. I'll need to feed my cat, Pyrus, tomorrow.

Didn't you hear me, lady? I don't want a garden! I don't even have a house or a toilet - and you want me to start a garden?!

You really know how to insult someone, don't you? Right now I feel this small!

I thumbed your nose! Ha ha ha!

Allyn: You'll pay for that, little elf boy!

Yeah, whatever. What are you going to do about it?

Allyn: What am I going to do about it? This!

Bam! Kapow! Crunch! Oof! Zowie! Kablam! Kablooey!

I can't believe Allyn kicked my ass. And NO, I'm not going to show you a picture of her defeating me! I'm humiliated enough!

NOOO! Not again! Not twice in one day! This can't be happening!

My tree...my tree...heeeee


Allyn: That was fun. Wanna dance again?


Well, hello doctor. Did you call me a cab? I called it myself? I don't remember that.

The cab took me down to the spa, where I can finally get a hot shower and something to eat. I burned the hot dogs.

Sigh. Can this day get any worse?

Poor Pyrus. He's hungry, too.

Aah! What the heck is the matter with your neck?

You are so not a part of this legacy. Not with that backwards head thing you have going on there.

What the? Who the heck is that? Why is she spying on me in the shower?

How can she even see me? I can barely see her.

What?! How can she see anything over that great big hedge and through the itty bitty window? Crazy old bat!

I hate public toilets! *shiver*

No...didn't really...I used a...PUBLIC...TOILET...GERMS!!

Yes, Dr. Nice to see you again, too.

Okay - this girl is gorgeous. I bet she'll make some beautiful babies. I need to play it cool and tell her about myself.

Uh...I really like kissing? Oh, man, I'm such an idiot. So much for making her a part of my legacy.

I know! I know! C'mon...pick me!

Mysterious stranger: And then I suck their blood.

You...suck their blood?

Mysterious Stranger: Why, yes. How else is a vampire to feed?

Mental note - she is so not a part of this legacy.

Pyrus has kitty dreams of a house. I think I'm going to cry.

I hate Allyn. But this old lady is kinda cute. Hey, Crumplebabe! Call me!

I can't believe I got beaten up by a girl. I'm so embarrassed.

I'm so tired! I want a bed!!

I'm not home two minutes and Allyn starts in with her crap again.

Yeah? Well, back at ya, babe!

I hate that woman. She is so not a part of this legacy.

This sucks more than I could possibly have imagined. I wonder if the elves would take me back?

Allyn: You stink!

Marisa: No, you stink!

Me: Ladies, ladies. I think you both stink. Why don't you go home and shower?

So concludes my first day in the human world. So far it sucks to the max. I wonder how much more I can take?

Real life gets in the way of my computer time

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Astral Faery


Location : Crazyville, USA
Number of posts : 796
Age : 49
Registration date : 2008-12-19

PostSubject: Chapter 2   January 10th 2009, 11:50 am

Sigh. Well, life hasn't gotten much better since I last saw you. I spend a lot of time at community lots, bathing, using *shiver* public toilets, and eating burned hot dogs. And today it's raining, on top of everything else.

I was right there. Two feet away, I just couldn't hold it anymore. Why does life have to be so hard?

I know, I know! I nearly passed out in cat pee. Litterboxes are expensive when you can't pay your bills!

Okay. I have a job as a Baker. I'm too tired and depressed to clean up after Pyrus. But look! I managed to scrimp and save (and not pay bills) and buy myself a cheap couch to sleep on. But it beats the hell out of sleeping on the cold, hard ground.

I hate my life!

What's with this Allyn chick, anyway? Can't she let an elf enjoy a hot dog while his fuming body odor threatens to make him gag?

Ahhh. I'm glad Allyn got bored and left. This feels so goooood. I wish I had my own tub.

Okay. If the chicken came first, where did it come from? Wouldn't it have to hatch from an egg? And the egg can't come first, because it would only be here if a chicken laid it. I don't think I'll ever figure this out...

Oh no! I lost my job! It wasn't my fault! Honest!

I have bills, I was hoping to buy my own toilet because I'm sure multitudes of infectious diseases have now invaded my body because I've been forced to use public ones, and Pyrus still doesn't have a litter box!

It wasn't my fault that the new guy stuck his hand in the donut frying oil. I didn't push him because I was cranky and uncomfortable and my life sucks - honest!

Now I'm stuck in a viscious whirlpool of depression. It's sucking me down into its depths, and threatens to drown me. I can't get a job because I'm depressed. I go to town to have some fun, but I'm so tired I can't concentrate. I pass out before I can get to the paper to find a job, so I go straight to the couch to sleep. And while I'm sleeping, I'm having nightmares, not sleeping well, and wake up too depressed to get a job. AND WHY IS THE CAT SCRATCHING THE COUCH? He has his own scratching post, for crying out loud! You know how hard it was to buy that thing for him?

Okay, I need to put on a brave front for the cat. It's okay, Pyrus. Things will get better soon - I promise. (I hope...)

I'm getting worried. Winter is nearly here and I don't have anything even resembling a house. I managed to put off my bills and buy this cheap heater so I don't freeze to death. Ah, toasted buns!

Gross! I don't want to eat those hot dogs now. Hey lady, GET OUTTA DA FOOD!! Didn't your mother ever teach you that standing in someone's dinner wasn't nice?

Wow! I got a new job in the Casino career. Just between you and me, I think it's one of those fancy schmancy downloaded careers, but who cares? I work seven days a week (so I don't have to job jump to bring in money everyday), and I get paid $300/day in an entry level position. And just look at this ride! Cheating on the Legacy? Well, maybe just a little. But you'll keep my secret, won't you?

Today is Saturday. The fifth day of my Legacy. I finally got a bed!! I cannot begin to tell you what a luxury a full night's sleep is. Ahhh. Downloaded or not, this Casino career is a life saver.

Hey Jess. I'm standing here in the snow in my pajamas, and my feet are frozen to the ground in a puddle of cat pee. So, wanna go out?

Things are really heating up with Jess. We seem to have a lot in common, and I'm hoping she's 'the one'.

Er, ignore the creepy guy staring at us. And you shouldn't be watching, either. This is a private moment.

I'm home from my date and I feel great! I forgot to tell you that I managed to buy a mini fridge. Yes, things are definitely looking up. I miss Jess, already. I think I'll ask her to move in with me.

I invited Jess over and proposed. She said yes! And she moved in right away. She didn't have very much money, but it was enough to get a roof over our heads. Winter is here.

This is it! I finally have a bed under a roof and I have a toilet, too! It can only get better from here.

Jess is something else. She's a mad scientist! I think I hit the jackpot! I married for love, of course, but that cushy salary sure will come in handy! And I'd rather not think about what she can do with that claw...

I can't say I approve of her choice of friends, though. What is a Goopy, anyway? And why is he talking to her about THAT?

Wow! Look at all of Jess's loot! She had all this stuff stashed away in her inventory. We're going to have enough to build a whole house after we sell all this stuff. Yep, things are definitely looking up. What does the future hold for us? Well, you'll have to come back and visit to find out! You will, won't you?

Real life gets in the way of my computer time

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The Avalon Legacy
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