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PostSubject: Download Information   Download Information EmptyNovember 13th 2008, 11:05 pm

I know game crashes are a huge concern to a lot of Sims players - and they should be. Sometimes crashes are caused by incompatibility of what EPs users have. What EPs does Basic have?

*University, Nightlife, Open For Business, Pets, Seasons, Free Time, Bon Voyage and Apartment Life are the EPs that Basic use. We also use the H & M and Celebrations Stuff Packs. It should also be known that all of our files ARE tested in game before they are uploaded for your use. We have not experienced crashes with any files that WE have created or the meshes we've used by Other creators in OUR game.

How do I get the clothes into my game?

* When you download our files, you will need to unzip them to get them into your game. There are several Zip programs available for free if you do not have one. You can try WinZip or The Extractor which can be easily found through a Google Search. Once the files are extracted you will need to put the file and the mesh into your downloads folder.

What do I need for your creations to work in my game?

* We always provide needed meshes in your download. We provide the meshes because often sites DISAPPEAR and then the meshes are gone too and our creations won't be able to be used. We also use very rich colors, fabrics and textures in our creations - so we recommend that you adjust your graphic settings in your game so that you get maximum enjoyment from our creations.

What EPs and Stuff Packs does Basic use?

* Basic uses University, Nightlife, Open For Business, Seasons, Pets, Free Time, Bon Voyage, Apartment Life, Celebrations and H & M.

Why are your files stored at MediaFire?

* Basic has many downloads that it will be offering, and in order to bring them to you for free - we use a File Host that stores our files and makes them available to you.

Can I use the files any way I want?

* The meshes are not ours....so you'll have to ask the creators of them for that question. Links to the creators of the meshes we use are always provided on the same page as the downloads we offer. As for our creations - you may use them in your game of course, your stories, your movies and on your own site as long as proper credit is given. Please do not upload our files to other sites and please do not claim them as your own. Thank You!!

Do you have a policy about your complete Sims?

*We only ask that you do not claim them as your own. IF you use them in stories or videos - a link back to the site would be very much appreciated.
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