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 Sugah's Place - October 2013 Update

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Sugah Sim

Sugah Sim

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Sugah's Place - October 2013 Update Empty
PostSubject: Sugah's Place - October 2013 Update   Sugah's Place - October 2013 Update EmptyOctober 30th 2013, 10:02 am

Sugah's Place - October 2013 Update October2013_Sugah_zpse35d4596

Sugah's Place - October 2013 Update October2013_Toni_zps1af4edbc

Sugah's Place - October 2013 Update October2013_Autumnelle_zps06f4019e

Sugah's Place - October 2013 Update October2013_AstralFaery_zps3913f5e0

Sugah's Place - October 2013 Update October2013_Ullwera2_zpsc0225906

Sugah's Place - October 2013 Update October2013_Ullwera_zps7cd7cf55

Sugah's Place - October 2013 Update October2013_Sugah2_zps0b66d0bf

This month, we bring to you an all new section at Sugah's Place...
Introducing Vis-à-Vis Bazaar: Eclectic Creations
There, you will find three new categories (with more to come):
Another Dimension in Beauty - Not your guy or gal next door!
Otherwordly Sublime Sims - Aliens, Witches, Fairies & Elves, Oh My!
and our
Creature Feature Sims
A big thanks goes out to Autumnelle, who is responsible for 'The Bazaar'.
On behalf of the Ladies of Sugah's Place...
We appreciate all of her creative efforts in bringing our new & unique section to fruition at SP.

Now, on with the show ...

* 17 eclectic new Sims @ The Bazaar *
- by Sugah, ilikefishfood, Autumnelle, Astral Faery and Ullwera -

* Our October Sim of the Month "Lina" & 2 Sim models *
- by Astral Faery -

* Several new Maxis recolors *
- by Ullwera -


* 2 spooky haunted houses by ilikefishfood and Ullwera *

An all new Bingo Mania Challenge in The Challenge Arena *
- by Sugah -


Sugah's Place remains honored to have such dedicated members with us.
Thank you for your ongoing support. 

Be our 'FRIEND' & 'TWEET' yourself to a little Sugah ... Now on PINTEREST!


Sugah's Place
Offering free quality Sims 2 downloads in a friendly forum setting ...
Specializing in gorgeous Sim models, CC recolors, prime real estate, original challenges & so much more!
Be our 'Friend' & 'Tweet' yourself to a little Sugah. ;)
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Sugah's Place - October 2013 Update
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